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Welcome to Świebodzice !


I warmly greet all the visitors to our web page and invite you to visit Swiebodzice.

Relatively small distance to Wrocław, Prague and Berlin makes it easy to travel to Swiebodzice from anywhere.

Numerous tourists and nature attractions such as forests and natural reserve which constitutes a part of Książanski Landscape Park undoubtedly make our region attractive. The origins of our city date back to the 13th century, with its history marked with important historic events.

To make an exploration of the Świebodzice cultural and natural wealth convenient and easy, grounds are presently being prepared to serve as a tourist base in the near future. 

A large number of investment projects have been embarked on in order to raise the status of Swiebodzice and make it a town of the future. Being sure of the goodwill and hospitality of its inhabitants, not only do I invite you to see our web page, but also to pay a visit to Swiebodzice.

But above all, I wish others and myself many productive contacts.

See you in Swiebodzice!

Mayor of Świebodzice
Paweł Ozga