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Welcome to Świebodzice !


Welcome to Świebodzice, a city with over 740 years of history

The town is located in the southern part of Lower Silesia, about 30 km from the border with the Czech Republic. The picturesque location on the Pogórze Świebodzickie , in the middle section of the Pełcznica River, in the buffer zone of the Książ Landscape Park, encourages tourists not only to visit the place, but also to stay here permanently. Among the most important monuments one should certainly mention the well-preserved medieval defensive walls, the Town Hall and the medieval church. St. Francis of Assisi.

Świebodzice is situated in the neighborhood of two large urban agglomerations - Wałbrzych and Świdnica. The main advantages of the city are the proximity of major communication routes, including A4 highway, S3 express road and national road 35, as well as a modern transfer center at the PKP Railway Station. The Subzone of WSSE “INVEST-PARK” operates dynamically in Świebodzice, and the city's development potential is large. All this makes Świebodzice a convenient place for living and investments.


Yours faithfully
Paweł Ozga
Mayor of Świebodzice