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The tourism and nature

The highest natural values grounds and scenery are situated on the outskirts of the town. These areas are especially protected thanks to altering them into Książański Landscape Park. It consists of wooded area, Pełcznica Valley, Szczawnik, the natural dam - Dobromierz Lake and a primary attraction of the given Park - a unique castle Książ , which is the third castle in Poland for the sake of the size.

The natural climate of Świebodzice, diversification of the terrain, flora and fauna, a closeness to the protected area and short distances (1km from the Park to Książ Castle) make the walking routes attractive, which allure with their natural wealth. The aroma of rhododendrons, twitter of birds, the mysterious world of legends and the newest history of Książ Castle and his landlords - princess Daisy and the family of the Hochberg charm tourists. In the Ksiażański Landscape Park there are 397 species of exotic plants - trees, shrubs and flowers from America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the coasts of Mediterranean Sea.

Near the castle, there is the Sudetic stud farm. It is situated in the antique object, where the tourist will find a professional service of the horsemanship and rides with equipage carriages. Adjacent towns and villages encourage to tourist excursions - there are: Świdnica, Bronówek near Dobromierz and Mokrzeszów. In the neighbourhood of Świebodzice there are the remains of Cisy Castle and the Palm House in Lubiechów (the district of Wałbrzych) which are also worth seeing.